Is luxury vinyl flooring suitable if you have pets?

Is luxury vinyl flooring suitable if you have pets?

Do you have pets? Are you looking for new flooring for your home? Then we at American River Flooring think that luxury vinyl is your obvious choice for flooring. It has versatility, lifespan, and durability that is perfect for your home and pets.

Luxury vinyl is for pets

If you want a pet-friendly floor, then you need something with durability. You can find that in luxury vinyl planks and tiles. Both of these are highly durable for high-traffic zones in your home. In addition, they have excellent protection against pet nails.

Luxury vinyl is tough

You see, the top layer, the wear layer, is specifically designed for daily wear and tear. So you won’t see scratches, scuffs, or nicks on the floor. Sometimes the top layer is protected by another layer on top of it that manufacturers add to lengthen the floor's lifespan.

Luxury vinyl is waterproof

The core of luxury vinyl comprises a plastic wood composite or plastic stone composite layer completely waterproof. What does this mean? This means that no amount of water will cause the core to ripple, warp, or curl when exposed to water for any length of time. So no matter what happens, your investment is covered and safe.

Luxury vinyl is attractive

Of course, we want your home to look fantastic. So luxury vinyl tile and plank are of a high-quality look. If you like a wood look, plank (LVP) and even tile can duplicate any quality wood species. If you want a tile look, then go with the tile (LVT). You can even imitate porcelain, slate, or granite.

Let us help

At American River Flooring, you will be able to find all the materials and resources to get the floor you want. We work hard to give you the best flooring experience possible. Our showroom is in Fair Oaks, CA. Our service areas are Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Folsom, and Sacramento. So if you are looking for a good floor for your Fido, then give us a call and stop by our showroom to see all our luxury vinyl flooring options. You’ll be glad you did.